Jennifer Griffiths

Jennifer GriffithsWith over 20 years experience with a keen focus on career counselling, employability support,  and vocational assessment, Jennifer  has gained acute insight and expertise into assisting adults with disabilities in career transition.   Jennifer has worked on projects concentrating on vocational assessment and employment potential in both Canada and International markets.   With a focus is on current employment trends, employability requirements and technology skills for employment,  Jennifer has successfully implemented comprehensive resource tools for key customers .  Target areas include  identifying alternate occupations  and utilizing vocational characteristics to assist in determining disability status. 

With a Master's degree in Counselling and several professional qualifications in the vocational assessment and rehabilitation field, Jennifer's focal point throughout her career has been assisting individuals with barriers successfully integrate into the workforce .  This approach soundly highlights her core belief that work is healthy.    Jennifer has demonstrated her skills as a coach, assessor, trainer and manager  in her longstanding role in the vocational assessment field and is regularly sought out as a vocational expert by customers and peers.   Jennifer has participated in professional development initiatives as well as been a volunteer member with various vocational rehabilitation professional associations.