CVRPThe College of Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals is the governing body for Certified Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals (CVRPs) and Canadian Certified Vocational Evaluators (CCVE) across Canada.

The vocational rehabilitation profession has been self-regulating in Canada since 2010.  Self-regulation is a privilege granted to those professions that have shown they can put the interests of the public ahead of their own professional interests. It recognizes that Canada's vocational rehabilitation professionals and vocational evaluators have the knowledge and expertise to regulate themselves as individual practitioners and can regulate their profession through the College.

The College fulfills its role of protecting the public by:

  • Establishing standardized requirements for entry to practice
  • Articulating and promoting standards of practice
  • Enforcing standards of practice and professional conduct through a complaints and disciplinary process
  • Documenting adherence to professional competency through ongoing learning
  • Fostering continual learning and support of credible educational opportunities for registrants

The College also promotes the regulation of vocational rehabilitation in the public interest by:

  • Maintaining a transparent registry of vocational rehabilitation professionals
  • Striving to participate in the regulatory process in any and all provinces of Canada

The College works in partnership with employers, educators and government so that everyone in Canada can benefit from quality vocational rehabilitation services.

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