2024 CAVEWAS Virtual Training Day

Date: September 12, 2024 to September 12, 2024

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Jeff Cohen, Vocational Evaluator

Presentation Title: So you’ve been a referred a minor! - Vocational Evaluation for injury litigation with a focus on pediatric referral

Abstract: Estimating the retroactive vocational trajectory and earning capacity of a minor is a complex endeavor as typically a minor as compared to their adult counterparts has no or minimal employment or earnings history to speak of and may not have identified a viable occupational choice. Career development is also a highly fluid process comprised of a complex set of interactions as it relates to an individual’s academic, personal, social, psychological and financial circumstances among others. Figuring out what a minor might have been able to earn and, moreover, providing an opinion about residual work and earning potential is a challenge in injury litigation requiring expert insight.

In this engaging two-hour seminar, Jeff Cohen will explore the concept of vocational evaluation for injury litigation with a focus on pediatric referral. He will share some of his research findings which inform on best practice for pediatric files and methodology development. He will review challenges faced by the vocational evaluator who are likely to be tasked with providing opinions on pre- vs post-injury work and earning potential. He will bring to life some of these concepts by reviewing actual cases in order to help demonstrate effective approaches and findings.


Amanda McCarthy, Pam Laconte, and Randall Boen from VECAP 

Presentation Title: "Enhancing Clarity: Initiatives in Terminology and Definitions for Vocational Evaluation and Career Assessment"

Abstract: Improving consistency in terminology and definitions can bolster professions by ensuring clarity for everyone involved. This clarity is crucial for accurately assessing the effectiveness of services. The VECAP Standards Committee has launched several initiatives to clarify terminology and definitions in vocational evaluation and career assessment. This presentation will outline these efforts, such as a Delphi study aimed at enhancing consensus on key definitions, and the creation of the VECAP Dictionary of Vocational Evaluation and Career Assessment. Audience members will have the opportunity to contribute perspectives, to facilitate meaningful dialogue regarding terminology and definitions in vocational evaluation and career assessment.

By the end of the presentation attendees will:

  • Recognize the benefits of clarity and consistency regarding terminology for vocational evaluation and career assessment.
  • Gain insight into the efforts of the VECAP standards committee aimed at clarifying terminology.
  • ·Reflect on the practical application of vocational evaluation and career assessment terminology within their respective settings.


Presenter: Jacques J Gouws D.Phil., C.Psych.

Presentation Title: Vocational Barriers faced by First Nation Members living on Reserve

Abstract: First Nations Members living on Reserve in Ontario face significant barriers to access competitive employment due to lack of occupational options, lack of transportation for commuting, educational/training challenges, and psychosocial circumstances. Often these barriers and their impact on a person’s capacity to function in a work setting are not well understood by professionals tasked with the responsibility to assess the employability and potential work settings for persons living on Reserve. Against this background, the Learning Objectives for this presentation are to:

  • Discuss the most obvious barriers to access employment for First Nation Members living on Reserve.
  • Gain an understanding how these barriers are a barrier in the Vocational Assessment process.
  • Apply these insights in the vocational assessment of First Nation Members living on Reserve.
  • In the final conclusions on employability, discuss the impact of identified barriers on a person’s ability to obtain to competitive employment in potential vocational settings.


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