Lisa Timmons

Lisa Timmons began her career in Vocational Rehabilitation and Assessment 21 years ago.  Over the years she has engaged in various roles including Vocational Evaluator, Transferable Skills Analysis Assessor, Case Manager, Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist, Program Coordinator, Team Lead, Quality Lead of Rehabilitation and Training Program and most recently, Program Manager of Vocational Rehabilitation Services.  Her responsibilities include quality assurance of all PsychoVocational, Psychological, Vocational and Transferable Skills Analysis reports across Canada and direct supervision of staff completing Transferable Skills Analysis Assessments and Vocational Related assessments.   Lisa also continues to conduct Vocational Assessments, Psychological and PsychoVocational Assessments under the supervision of a psychologist. Additionally, she works as a consultant completing med-legal vocational assessments.  Lisa has numerous years of experience working with a diverse client base as well as collaborative interaction with referral sources, professionals including occupational therapists, psychologists, and assessors. 

Lisa has a General Bachelor of Arts degree as well as an Honours Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology through Lakehead University.  She holds the Registered Rehabilitation Professional (R.R.P.), Certified Vocational of Rehabilitation Professional (C.V.R.P.), Canadian Certified Vocational Evaluator (C.C.V.E.), International Certified Vocational Evaluator (I.C.V.E.), and Return to Work Disability Manager (R.T.W.D.M.) and serves on the TSA pathway and ICVE/CCVE application review panels as well as serves on a number of committees within CAVEWAS.