This professional development module on the foundation of Vocational Evaluation addresses questions like:

  • What makes a field of practice a profession?
  • What is the history of Vocational Evaluation and Work Adjustment?
  • Who has positively impacted the profession?
  • What is the Scope of Practice for Vocational Evaluation and Work Adjustment?
  • What are the field’s Standards of Practice and why are Standards important?
  • Who refers for Assessment services and why?
  • What is the purpose of Assessment?
  • What are the levels and stages of Assessment?
  • What are the various specialized Assessments available in Canada.

When you complete this module, you will have a good understanding of professional practice and an appreciation for the role of Vocational Evaluators and Work Adjustment Specialists. You will be well positioned to study other modules in the field.

VRA Canada Approved CEU ID: 26213  -  1.75 CEUs
CVRP Approval Number: CAVEWAS(web)–CCVE:D1:FVE-2021-1.75