Presentation conducted on the MECA System by Conover Company and Valpar Work Samples by Bases of Virginia


Evaluators have a "toolbox" of assessment options that they use during the evaluation process. Commercial work samples are just one option that provides the individual with the opportunity to perform tasks more related to real work, and the evaluator with the opportunity to observe a variety of worker traits and skills. This webinar is worth 1.5 CEU’s with VRA Canada and CVRP. Contact upon conclusion to request a certificate of completion. This presentation will provide information on two commercial work sample systems, to include the details of the factors or traits measured, the populations best served by these work samples, the ease and cost of the products, and potential future trends regarding work samples.

Participants will learn...

  1. The purpose and uses of the commercial work sample systems available through Bases of VA and The Conover Company.
  2. The advantages of work samples over psychometric tests.
  3. About the data on validity and reliability of the work samples, and how to address if the norms are dated.


Nancy Scott

Nancy is an undergraduate of Seton Hill College with a BS in Psychology and a master’s level, MS recipient from the Mecca of vocational evaluation, UW-Stout. With 33 years of experience as a Certified Vocational Evaluator, Nancy retired from the school system to operate Bases full time. Nancy has work experience as an evaluator in the public schools and in a private-not-for-profit rehabilitation center, Harmarville Rehabilitation Hospital. With respect to professional organizations such as VECAP and affiliation with CCWAVES, the certifying body for vocational evaluation professionals, Nancy has a lengthy history of support and service. She has been a member of VEWAA (the Vocational Evaluation and Work Adjustment Association, a division of the National Rehabilitation Association) and then VECAP (the subsequent professional organization for Vocational Evaluation and Career Assessment Professionals) since 1982. Nancy has held numerous volunteer and elected positions for each organization. She also served as the VECAP representative or Commissioner to CCWAVES for 3 years prior to its dissolution. She was the 2005 recipient of the prestigious Paul R. Hoffman award and The Bill Hinek Lifetime Transition Forum Award in 2010.

Terry Schmitz

For over 25 years, Terry has focused on developing training programs for industry and education. He has served as a consultant to business and industry in the design of technology-based custom assessment and training programs and is a certified facilitator for the DACUM Task/Process Analysis, the DELTA Learning Analysis Process and the SCID Program Design. Terry has authored and published numerous products, including Personal Responsibility, The Success Profiler, Microcomputer Evaluation of Careers and Academics and the Career Planning System, as well as many other vocational assessment and training programs. He has also designed custom training and assessment materials for major corporations throughout the United States. Education History: Marquette University – B.S. Psychology, 1972; University of Wisconsin-Stout – M.S. Vocational Education,1973; University of Wisconsin-Whitewater – Teacher Certification, 1976; Ohio State University – DACUM and SCID Certification, 1996.