This course is one in a series of knowledge and skill development modules for professionals working in a field of practice that enables individuals to enter, remain in, or return to work. These professionals are working with clients experiencing challenges with finding and keeping employment and / or with employers struggling with injury / illness prevention, sickness absence, employee recruitment, employee retention, and the costs associated with these issues. Other stakeholders in the field might also include unions, medical practitioners, insurers, other benefits administrators, agency workers, educators, the client’s work colleagues and family members. Many individuals and situations then are impacted by ethics. The topic is so important, most professional associations and / or colleges of practice insist that their members stay current in this area by taking a minimum number of hours of study in ethics each year.

The course content includes:

Definition of ethics
The role of ethics in professional practice
Vocational Rehabilitation as a professional example
The foundation of ethical practice
Ethics from a historical perspective
Applying ethics
Various ethical theories
Branches of ethics
Codes of ethics, purpose and structure
Discussion of values
Ethical principles
Ethical dilemmas
Ethical decision making
Various tests to determine compliance
Complaints and discipline
Guidance on staying safe
A quiz to facilitate learning and understanding.

Professionals benefitting from this module include those providing services in:

Human Resources
Occupational Health and Safety
Disability Management

Note: This Module is FREE for all CAVEWAS Members.

VRA Canada Approved CEU ID: 20602  -  3 CEUs

Module Content

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