This 2-hour webinar provides an overview and discussion of selected issues in Transferable Skills & Employability Analysis. This webinar is worth 1.0 CEU’s Ethics-1.0 hours/1.0 hours-Domains 4 and 3/Domains 8 and 6 with VRA Canada and CVRP. The following topics, their practical applications, impact on professional practice and their ethical considerations are discussed: 

  • Informed Consent (types of consent, documenting consent, use of technology for remote evaluation)
  • Information Gathering and Review of Employment/Education History (getting accurate data, foreign work/education, choosing the right occupational codes)
  • Triangulating your Findings (its importance and dealing with discrepancies)
  • Unadjusted Composite Profile (developing the profile, its meaning, what to include)
  • Adjusting the Composite Profile (accounting for medical data, types of medical data, conflicting data, vocational impairment determination & your scope of practice)
  • Matching Occupations & Identifying Alternatives (scope of the TSA, venue, reasonable accommodation)
  • TSA Software (Strengths and Limitations)

In attachment are the PowerPoint slides with notes and documentation for further reading.

For those wishing continuing education credits, a minimum grade of 70% on the quiz is required to obtain a certificate of completion. 

Guest: Jennifer Griffiths

Jennifer Griffiths has over 25 years of experience in vocational rehabilitation with a specific focus on Vocational Evaluation.  Jennifer has a master’s degree in Counselling from Canisius College in Buffalo, New York.  Ms. Griffiths holds the RVP, RRP, CVRP and CCVE designations.  She has provided both supervision and extensive training and leadership to new vocational evaluation professionals.  She serves on the Board of CAVEWAS as President-Elect and sits on both the CVRP TSA Pathway and ICVE Reviewer Committees. She is the author of an upcoming course on Advanced Transferable Skills Analysis.

Host: Francois Paradis

Mr. Paradis is a certified vocational evaluator with over 20 years of experience in the field of vocational evaluation. He provides vocational evaluation services in the Greater Toronto Area for legal firms and Auto/Health Insurers. He completed a Master of Art in Guidance Counselling at Laval University in Quebec in 1995. He obtained a GATB administrator certification in 2002, became a Certified Vocational Evaluator (CVE) in 2006 and a Certified Valpar Operator in 2009. He has obtained a Vocational Professional Master’s certificate and is certified as Canadian Certified Vocational Evaluator (CCVE) and International Certified Vocational Evaluator (ICVE). He has been accepted as a qualified expert in Vocational Assessments and Transferable Skills Analysis in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice. 

Mr. Paradis is a member in good standing of the Canadian Association for Vocational Evaluation and Work Adjustment Society (CAVEWAS) as well as VRA Canada. He currently serves on CAVEWAS’ board of Directors at the national level as Chair of Professional Development and sits on CVRP’s ICVE Reviewer Committee.

Mr. Paradis acted as editor in chief for the CCVE-ICVE study guide, released in 2021.