This webinar is divided in two parts. It is a complement to domain 1 - Foundation of Vocational Evaluation of the CCVE-ICVE study guide, written by Dr. Pamela Leconte. This webinar is worth 3.5 CEU’s with VRA Canada and CVRP. The following topics, their practical applications and impact on professional practice are discussed:

  • Vocational Assessment vs. Evaluation.
  • Real and Simulated Work; benefits, challenges and examples.
  • Conceptual framework of vocational evaluation: evaluating the person and the work ecology.
  • Information gathering in vocational evaluation.
  • Vocational evaluation and standardized testing. Limitations and selected issues.
  • Vocational evaluation scope and standards of practice.
  • Triangulating assessment findings.
  • Behavioural observation and effort testing in vocational evaluation.
  • Levels of assessment.
  • Vocational evaluation standards of practice. A review of common ethical issues.
  • Test accommodation vs. modification.
  • Informed consent.
  • Community-based assessment.
  • Non-VE assessments and their importance.
  • Scientific method in vocational evaluation.
  • Vocational evaluation credentials and their importance.

Included within this Webinar are PowerPoint slides with notes and supporting documentation downloads.

For those wishing continuing education credits, both parts of the webinar must be completed. To obtain a certificate of completion, a minimum grade 70% on the quiz is required.