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CAVEWAS Core Competencies and Learning Domains

The following have been identified as the core competencies of those working in this field. Training and educational opportunities have been designed with these core competencies in mind.

  1. Foundation of Vocational Evaluation
    • Introduction to the history of rehabilitation
    • Outline of areas of practice
    • The role of vocational evaluation (Scope)
  2. Principles of Vocational Evaluation
    • Client evaluation / Setting the stage to ensure best results
    • Worksite evaluation
    • Behavioral observation
    • Vocational evaluation planning
    • Principles of case management
    • Career options
    • Ethics
  3. Test Selection
    • Orientation to testing and measurement
      • Research Methodologies
      • Analysis
    • Use of standardized measurements
    • Types of tests
    • Accommodation in testing
    • Disabilities and testing
    • Test selection
      • Administration
      • Interpretation
      • Scoring
      • Reporting
    • Ethics
  4. Transferable Skill and Employability Analysis
    • Function
    • Occupational Analysis
      • Methodologies
      • Understanding variables
      • Preparation and strategies
      • Tools and software programs
  1. Occupational Information
    • General overview of employment
      • Labour Market research
      • Trends in employment
      • Types of jobs, skills, standards
    • Career exploration
      • Occupational resources
      • Classifications
      • Policies and benefit options
    • Job Placement
      • Accommodations / modifications
      • Types of accommodations / modifications
      • Techniques in facilitation
  2. Ethics
    • Review of the Code of Ethics
    • Ethical reporting
    • Ethical decision making
    • Informed consent and release of data
  3. Disability
    • Types of disabilities
      • Medical aspects, functional, psychological, pharmacology
      • Episodic disabilities
      • Rights and policies regarding disabilities
    • Impact of disabilities within the workplace
    • Resources, programs and devices
    • Exceptionalities
  4. Communication
    • Case management
    • Interviewing, counselling, mediation
    • Report development
    • Presentation of findings
    • Developing and communicating plans

Continuing Education

Please review the VRA Canada education section.

Pre-Approved courses

Please review the VRA Canada education section.


A Great Success

This year’s CAVEWAS Pre-Conference and  Annual General Meeting of the members held on May 31 in Kananaskis, Alberta, was an overwhelming success.  Conference Chair, Jeff Cohen, with assistance from KMG Health Partners, is to be congratulated for such sound organization and for getting things right. From the social event to the currency of the topics, to the quality of the speakers, to the distribution of materials, to the highly informative and effective Annual General Meeting, this was an impressive and highly professional event.  Thanks go out to Jeff and his team, to the speakers for their preparation and excellent presentations and to those in attendance and online for their active participation and demonstration of commitment to professional development. A good time was had by all.  Do not miss out on CAVEWAS 2017.  Planning is already under way with the BC Society for a Richmond, BC, location.  Meanwhile, the presentations are available,  for CEUs.  Click here.

CAVEWAS Annual General Meeting of the Members

During the conference, CAVEWAS members participated in a highly productive Annual General Meeting.  The President’s opening message for the conference and her annual report along with the approved 2015 AGM minutes, the Financials, and the amended the Bylaws have been posted on the website for the benefit of all members.  We are pleased to present to you your 2016 / 2017 Board of Directors:

President: Jennifer Chladny
President Elect: Renee Daudlin (Also sitting as Treasurer)
Secretary:  Teri Pereira
Director: Jodi Webster
Director: Melissa Bissonnette
Director: Francois Paradis
Director: Scott Munro
Director: Paul Holtby
Director: Jeff Cohen
Director: Francis Fung
Director: Jennifer Griffiths

Directors will be assigned responsibilities during the Board’s first meeting.  They are looking forward to serving the membership.

New Student Scholarship Program

A new Student Scholarship Policy / Program was approved by the membership at the AGM demonstrating the innovative thinking and passion that the members have for the field.  Students in related educational programs who are members of  CAVEWAS will have the opportunity to apply for one of a potential number of  $500 scholarships awarded each year by the Society.  They will be expected to contribute to CAVEWAS in return in any number of identified ways.  For the policy, eligibility criteria and application process click here. A special thank you goes out to WCG Services  and to the CAVEWAS membership for providing the first two scholarships.  These contributions will go a long way in promoting and sustaining our field.